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Andalusian Not for sale € 288  Price of mating, could not be swapped 6 years old stallion Purebred 160 cm measured with stick Grey

Carlos VIII

Breed Purebred Andalusian
Sex stallion
Born 2015 (6 years old)
Horse's name Carlos VIII
Colour grey
Height 160 cm with stick
165 cm with stripen
  • Trained
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Translated by google translator:
I recommend my excellent PRE stallion for breeding! Carlos also has an official coverage license in Spain and Hungary! Very nice, baroque type, excellent build stallion! He is currently a 6-year-old L-trained (constantly under training) very good-headed stallion, he can ride smoothly with mares. In terms of its family tree, it is the carrier of old bloodlines. We are waiting for the application of the mare keepers, keeping the mares in boxes is solved, it covers in a natural way. More information by phone or E-mail. Zsolt Birgés Phone: 06301532231 E-mail:


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great grandf.
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great grandm.

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Birgés Zsolt

Spoken languages:Hungarian

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Hungary, Bács-Kiskun country
H-6500, Baja

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