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Tinker Not for sale € 288  Price of mating, could not be swapped 5 years old stallion Purebred 146 cm measured with stick Skewbald

SD Kingston Town

Breed Purebred Tinker
Sex stallion
Born 2016 (5 years old)
Horse's name SD Kingston Town
Colour skewbald
Height 146 cm with stick
154 cm with stripen
Discipline breeding
  • At the beginning of the training
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Translated by google translator:
Kingston is a very imposing looking import tinker stallion, the real color of which is red blagdon (there is no such option among the selectable) that he inherits well. His eyes are half blue, so within 1 eye he is half blue, and this is true for both eyes, he inherits this with a 50% probability according to his color test. PSSM is negative, all DNA tests can be screened for hereditary disease negative. Its variegation is like a splash of white paint, it gives it a very special look, it also inherits this with a 50% chance, which foal is not born as a variegated, it is all born with great marks. He has lush fur, nice movements, and a very gentle, patient stallion. He lives in a stud, is well socialized, approaches the mares carefully, takes care of them. So far 5 foals have been born, we are expecting another 5 next year. It only covers naturally at the moment. Her foals are surprisingly large and do not cover a small pony, a horse under 125cm. Registered stallions, foals can receive a regular, pedigree passport, but in the case of public breeding, only the mother and father are included in the ancestry. Half-blooded foals are also very well done, his fine-lined head is beautifully inherited outside of breed. In summer it has a special pale red marble bright color, and in winter its base color darkens and takes on a more rusty character. It is a very special horse, we recommend it from the heart if you want a more massive foal with rich hair and a good leg structure. For the time being, in addition to the variety, it covers HUF 80,000, in the variety for HUF 100,000. This price includes 3 days (during ovulation) of boarding, HUF 2,500 every additional day.


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