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Eladó 7 éves nóniusz kanca
Eladó 7 éves nóniusz kanca
7 éves  -
Eladó 7 éves nóniusz kanca
Eladó 7 éves nóniusz kanca
Eladó 7 éves nóniusz kanca
Eladó 7 éves nóniusz kanca
Nonius for sale Without price Prospective price, could be swapped 7 years old mare Purebred 170 cm measured with stick Black

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Breed Purebred Nonius
Sex mare
Born 2011 (7 years old)
Horse's name It is not given..
Colour black
Height 170 cm with stick
175 cm with stripen
Discipline driving, dressage, breeding
  • Driven and ridden

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Translated by google translator:
I offer Nonius mare for sale with a 6-year-old 175cm high ribbon. It is very gentle, calm, friendly, cultured, easy to teach. It has a smooth, loose movement.Cleaning: Experienced by the expert. horse, horseshoes, toothpicks and prizes for driving.It is systematically kneeling, horseshoe, detoxified. His father: 5158 Nonius II I-18 Mother: Nonius I-2 Nelli Mother's father: 3133 Szentes Noniusz -134 Change interest: beef, horse, sheep, carriage, horse equipment, horse transport, passenger car. Price: By agreement Thank you for viewing my ad. Contact by email or phone: 06304332563


5158 Nonius III-18
Nonius I-2 Nelli
2154 Nonius XIII-4
272 Nonius XL-68 Dorka
3133 Szentes Nonius-134
271 Nonius XVII-174 Díva
159 Gyoma-371
great grandf.
670 Hortobáty Jellem
great grandm.
2844 Nonius 16-17
great grandf.
198 Mezöhegyes-2
great grandm.
1778 Nonius X-14
great grandf.
194 Nonius X-31 Orkán
great grandm.
1814 Nonius VI-24
great grandf.
181 Aldáto Nonius Szeder
great grandm.

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