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Eladó 12 éves magyar sportfélvér herélt
Eladó 12 éves magyar sportfélvér herélt
Eladó 12 éves magyar sportfélvér herélt
Eladó 12 éves magyar sportfélvér herélt
for sale € 1.808  Prospective price, could not be swapped 12 years old gelding Character (Not purebred) 160 cm measured with stick Chestnut/sorrel

Bognár Wagabund

Breed Character (Not purebred)
Sex gelding
Born 2005 (12 years old)
Horse's name Bognár Wagabund
Colour chestnut/sorrel
Height 160 cm with stick
165 cm with stripen
  • Trained

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Translated by google translator:
Eladóvá become a beloved 11-year-old, born stamped on the neck Széplak yellow horse gelding. Earlier gazdáinál he competed in show jumping for 2 years, and was used as a school horse. Earth also worked with him, if we go next, then followed. Basically, well-meaning horse, gives legs ápolásnál, szerszámozásnál also need calm, but regular handling. the only bit shy, log in the company of other terrain for more experienced riders can ride well, because we want to go. Healthy, has never been lame, the first two-shod feet, has a passport. The reason for the sale is that I can not go out often in addition to school or disease to his partner recently died. I can attach multiple images and videos via e-mail after 15 hours on weekdays, on weekends I am available by phone throughout the day. After consultation at any time to try.


3365 Széplak X. Vagány
1341 Széplak IX-21
2494 Maxim Bolygó
1117 Toborzó
1145 Meteor
643 Enying-20
great grandf.
39 Széplak I Prága
great grandm.
419 Kemecse-671
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2500 Bolygó
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great grandf.
Ella H.
great grandm.
great grandf.
84 Széplak I
great grandm.

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