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6 éves furioso mén
6 éves furioso mén
6 éves furioso mén
6 éves furioso mén
Furioso Not for sale € 131  Price of mating, could not be swapped 6 years old stallion Purebred 164 cm measured with stick Light-bay

5761 Furioso XLIII-144 Fl

Breed Purebred Furioso
Sex stallion
Born 2012 (6 years old)
Horse's name 5761 Furioso XLIII-144 Fl
Colour light-bay
Height 164 cm with stick
172 cm with stripen
  • Trained

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Translated by google translator:
young stallion jumping style is also very good movement culturally superior. Smart, absolute co-rider, soft mouth feel, therefore, provides a very good rider. In 2016 he started to compete in show jumping, received high points for style log home category. The results can be viewed at the following link: More information and images about e-wacko


Furioso XLIII tm. (4365)
VisbadenFurioso-11 Laguna
3399 Furioso XV-29 Fukar (XL tm.)
Furioso XXI-26 Bóbita
2389 Visbaden ox
1612 Liliom
Furioso XV tm.
great grandf.
996 Furioso XII
great grandm.
2729 Furioso XIV-5 (XXI tm.)
great grandf.
1619 Babona
great grandm.
199 Naftalin ox
great grandf.
528 Presnia ox
great grandm.
1663 Furioso VI-52 (XIII tm.)
great grandf.
1497 Linka-2
great grandm.

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