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10 éves arab telivér mén
10 éves arab telivér mén
10 éves arab telivér mén
10 éves arab telivér mén
Arabian Not for sale € 447  Price of mating, could not be swapped 10 years old stallion Purebred 155 cm measured with stick Chestnut/sorrel

Amurath Al Faris

Breed Purebred Arabian
Sex stallion
Born 2011 (10 years old)
Horse's name Amurath Al Faris
Colour chestnut/sorrel
Height 155 cm with stick
160 cm with stripen
  • Untrained
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Translated by google translator:
NOT FOR SALE ON MY COVER !!!!!!!!! I am breeding with Amurath Al Faris Arabian thoroughbred stallion! Amurath combines both lines (work and show) from El Zahraa Egyptian stud stallion stallion Naazer! Balanced nervous dear cooperative horse with nice movement and good jumping skills! Import stallion, foals are import foals, they have foreign breeding license according to the BUYER'S regulations, Arabian thoroughbred (AT), Arabic breed (A), Anglo-Arabic (AA), Arabian half-blood (AF) breeds! Hiring fee for Hungarian citizens is HUF 160000, while abroad EUR 3000. I'll send you photos by e-mail of your ancestors if you need it! I take a horse guarantee to cover! For breeding, I will include an Arabian thoroughbred mare or mare foal, possibly a Shagya Arabian mare, only registered breeders! During the fattening period, the mares are kept at 5000 HUF / day. Transport of mares is possible! Originated by Assad Ibn El Azim, photos of parents are shown in that ad! Photos will be emailed on request!


OE-AV 4004 Azim ox
Szeráj B ox
2360 Magdan ox
1491 Nedjari IX-36 (Melinda) ox
4551 Teymur B
240Sakira B ox
Nabeg ox
great grandf.
Molva ox
great grandm.
Nedjari IX ox
great grandf.
579 GazalVIII-53
great grandm.
2124 Assad ox
great grandf.
214 Ibn Galal I ox
great grandm.
2389 Visbaden ox
great grandf.
226 Ibn Galal I ox
great grandm.

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